As an internet veteran with 20 years of business and technology experience, Mauricio Uribe founded MissionStack LLC in 2012 as a technology consultancy specializing in digital transformation, digital products design, digital marketing, web and application development, systems integration, and technology support.

Our Process

Over the years and helping numerous clients through other ventures, MissionStack has developed a process for successfully and efficiently accomplishing project and program goals. While many clients are different and the goals of each project may be quite distinct, the fundamental process is the same. Follow along with our 4 steps to understand the MissionStack process.

[(1961) Mercury astronauts John H. Glenn Jr., Virgil I. Grissom and Alan B. Shepard Jr. standing by Redstone rocket in their spacesuits. Photo credit: NASA]


1. Discover the Mission

Let's discover your real mission. We work with you to find out what you're really trying to accomplish with your project or program. So we dive in deep to understand your goals.

2. Plan the Mission

Together, we discuss the plan for the mission. We walk you through the options and alternatives best suited to your needs, and help identify the appropriate metrics to determine success of your goals.

3. Execute on the Plan

Once everyone's ready, we execute on the plan; and, we do it fast. Communication is paramount, so we keep you informed on progress all along the way.

4. Mission Briefing

Finally, upon mission completion, we loop back for a retrospective briefing of what worked well, what gaps manifested, and what strategic next steps make sense for you and your initiatives.

Your Next Step

So, what next? You're inspired with your next project. Now, how should you proceed? Give us a try and learn the benefits of online life via our process.

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